Spanish Conjunctions - Transitional Words and Phrases  

Spanish Grammar Spanish Transition Words

Do you know how to use Spanish transition words and Spanish transition phrases? These are also known as Spanish Conjunctions. This lesson will begin with Spanish transition words and phrases related to Cause and Effect, it will continue with transition phrases related to Explanation and Clarification, then Similarity and Contrast, followed by Specific and General, and finish with transition phrases related to Introduction and Conclusion.

Cause and Effect Transition Words

a causa de (que) — because of
debido a (que) — due to
por — because of
porque — because
como — because, since
ya que — because, since
puesto que — because, since
dado que — given that así (que) — thus, since
en consecuencia — as a result
como resultado — as a result
por consiguiente — therefore
por lo tanto — therefore
por eso — therefore, for that reason


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