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There are many types of Spanish adjectives. We will begin with descriptive adjectives, which are the words used to describe nouns or pronouns. They tell us the characteristics of the noun/pronoun they go with - such as: shape, color, size, or appearance.

A descriptive adjective agrees in gender (masculine, feminine) and number (singular, plural) with the noun/pronoun it modifies. Let's look at some example sentences:

Esta camisa es muy bonita.
This shirt is very pretty.
Hay muchas camisas muy bonitas.
There are a lot of very pretty shirts.

Notice that adjectives are usually placed after the noun/pronoun.

Febrero es un mes corto.
February is a short month.
Creemos que ella es bonita.
We think that she is pretty.
Es un día terrible.
It is a terrible day.
Ellos son los más feos de la escuela.
They are the ugliest in the school.
Me gustan los zapatos de tacón alto.
I like the high heel shoes.

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