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Dialogue 1

This dialogue focuses on the preterite tense. This tense is used when speaking about an event which began and was completed at some point in the past.

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Carol: Yo caminé al parque.
I walked to the park.

Enrique: Nosotros también caminamos.
We also walked.

Carol: Pero yo llegué tarde.
But, I arrived late.

Enrique: ¿Porqué llegaste tarde?
Why did you arrive late?

Carol: Porque compré un helado.
Because I bought ice cream.

Enrique: Yo llamé a Oscar.
I called Oscar.

Carol: ¿Y qué dijo él?
And what did he say?

Enrique: Dijo que rentó un yate.
He said he rented a yacht.

Carol: Entonces, él caminó hacia la playa.
Then, he walked to the beach.

Dialogue 2
Dialogue 3
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