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Dialogue 1

A demonstrative adjective always accompanies a noun. In the phrase, "Este carro (this car)", the demonstrative adjective, "este", explains which car you are talking about (this car).

Singular Plural
este estos this, these (m)
esta estas this, these (f)
ese esos that, those (m)
esa esas that, those (f)
aquel aquellos that over there, those over there (m)
aquella aquellas that over there, those over there (f)

m - masculine
f - feminine

Este mundo...

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Nada en este mundo es perfecto.
Nothing in this world is perfect.

Melanie en una zapatería en Praga…

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Melanie: ¿Me puede mostrar esos zapatos?
To me are you able to show those shoes?
(Can you show me those shoes?)

Vendedor: ¿Estos zapatos negros?
These black shoes?

Melanie: No, aquellos zapatos grises.
No, those grey shoes over there.

Vendedor: Claro, estos grises son de gamuza.
Certainly, these grey (shoes) are suede.

Melanie: ¿Tiene otro estilo en este color?
Do you have another style in this color?

Vendedor: Sí, tenemos estos zapatos de cuero.
Yes, we have have these leather shoes.

Melanie: ¡Esos zapatos están lindos!
Those shoes are beautiful!

Vendedor: Sí, pero estos zapatos tienen un defecto.
Yes, but these shoes have a defect.

Melanie: ¿Qué tienen esos zapatos?
What (defect) has those shoes?

Vendedor: Cada uno tiene talla diferente.
Each one has a different size.

Dialogue 2
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