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Dialogue 1

The Spanish word "vez" is used in many idiomatic expressions. Idiomatic expressions are phrases that carry a specific meaning within the language - there is no logical way of translating them word by word. they must be memorized.

Dos amigos se encuentran de repente en un campamento en Patagonia, Chile…

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Patricia: Gustavo, ¡qué bueno verte otra vez! ¿Qué haces aquí?
Gustavo, how good to see you again! What are you doing here?

Gustavo: Vengo a este campamento de vez en cuando.
I come to this camp every now and then.

Patricia: Yo tal vez me quedo tres días.
Perhaps I will stay for three days.

Gustavo: Pero rara vez te gusta acampar.
But it is rare that you like to camp.

Patricia: Sí, prefiero ir a la playa en vez de acampar.
Yes, I prefer to go to the beach instead of to camp.

Gustavo: Yo sí vengo varias veces al año.
I come (to camp) several times a year.

Patricia: Tal vez te acompaño la próxima vez.
Perhaps I (will) accompany you the next time.

Gustavo: ¡Sí! La próxima vez lo planeamos mejor.
Yes! The next time we will plan it better.

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Dialogue 3
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