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As Hispanic populations increase, office staff must interact more with Spanish speaking clients. Learning a few key phrases will dramatically improve your ability to communicate! Let's listen to some simple conversation:

Buenos días, 123TeachMe, le habla Mary Smith.
Good morning, 123TeachMe, Mary Smith speaking.

¿Quién habla?
Who may I ask is calling?

Aquí habla Mike Johnson.
This is Mike Johnson speaking.

Habla Mike Johnson de Spanish Enterprises.
This is Mike Johnson from Spanish Enterprises speaking.

¿Puedo hablar con John Doe por favor?
May I speak with John Doe please?

Lo siento, él se encuentra en una reunión.
I'm sorry, he is in a meeting right now.

Me temo que él no está disponible por el momento.
I'm afraid he is not available at the moment.

Espere un momento por favor.
Please hold one moment.

¿Puede esperar un momento por favor?
Could you please hold for one moment?

Lo siento, no entiendo. ¿Podría repetir eso por favor?
I'm sorry, I don't understand. Could you repeat that, please?

Me temo que se ha equivocado de número.
I'm afraid you've got the wrong number.

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Popular Phrase: llegar in the preterite | Learn Spanish Online Free | Conjugated Verb: ostentar - to flaunt, to hold [ click for full conjugation ]