Interactive Quizzes with Spanish Subjunctive 5  

Subjunctive Mood Introduction
Quiz 1

Indicate the tense and form of the verb that apply for the verb in parenthesis, then translate it.

Example: I wish you could come.
Deseo que tú _____.

Answer: I wish you could come. [presente subjunctivo].
Deseo que tú vengas.

She doubts that you left before 7:00.
Ella duda que (tú) ______ antes de las siete.

Would you deny that he is your friend?
¿Negarías que él ______ tu amigo?

Do you have any cars that weren't destroyed by other drivers?
Tienen ustedes coches que no ______ por otros choferes?

It displeased us that she hadn't believed us.
Nos desagradó que ella no nos ______ .

It is strange that no one noticed the crime.
Es extraño que nadie ______ el crimen.

I'm sorry that you didn't meet my professor.
Siento que tú no ______ a mi profesor.

We insisted that she teach us how to dance.
Insistíamos en que ella nos ______ a bailar.

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Quiz 2
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