Interactive Exercises with stem-changing verbs - e to ie 2  

Irregular - (e) changes to (ie)
Quiz 1

Fill in the blanks with the correct form of preferir. Say the sentence.

Example: Yo ______ ir en la mañana. - I prefer to go in the morning.

Answer: Yo prefiero ir en la mañana.

1. ¿ ______ un carro de dos puertas?
Do you all prefer a car with two doors?

2. ______ un carro de cuatro puertas.
We prefer a car with four doors.

3. Ella ______ el carro rojo.
She prefers the red car.

4. ______ la casa grande.
You prefer the big house.

5. Ellos ______ comer ensalada.
They prefer to eat salad.

6. ¿Qué modelo ______ usted?
Which model do you prefer?

7. ¿ ______ usted trabajar solo?
Do you prefer to work alone?

8. ______ el bocadillo sin lechuga.
I prefer the sandwich without lettuce.

9. ______ pan integral.
I prefer whole wheat bread.

10.Él ______ los zapatos negros.
He prefers the black shoes.

Answers 1
Quiz 2
Answers 2

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