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Quiz 1

Fill in the blanks with the correct preterite form of the necessary verb. Say the sentence.

Example: ______ tarde. - I arrived late.

Answer: Llegué tarde.

1. ______ con Rosa.
I spoke with Rosa.

2. Ustedes ______ bien.
You sang well.

3. ______ una canción.
You sang a song.

4. Te______.
I needed you.

5. Ellos se ______ con Rosa.
They got upset with Rosa.

6. Te ______ de mí.
You made fun of me.

7. Ellos se ______ en el restaurante.
They got sick in the restaurant.

8. Me ______ con tu llegada.
You surprised me with your arrival.

9. Usted y Rosa _______.
You and Rosa laughed.

10. ______ a la tienda.
I walked to the store.

11. ______ tenis el año pasado.
You played tennis last year.

12. Ella ______ la tienda el mes pasado.
She closed the store last month.

13. Me ______ la semana pasada.
I got sick last week.

14. Ella se ______ ayer.
She said good bye yesterday.

15. Nosotros nos ______ de comer.
We forgot to eat.

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Quiz 2
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