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Quiz 1

Ejercicios verbo "comer".

Fill in the missing words and say the sentence.

Example: Yo _____ antes que Pedro. - I ate before Pedro.

Answer: Yo comí antes que Pedro.

1. Yo _____ con María anoche.
I ate with Mary last night.

2. (Tú) ¿Dónde _____ anoche?
Where did you eat last night?

3. El día que _____ brownies.
The day we ate brownies.

4. Al final _____ pescado.
At the end we ate fish.

5. (Tú) ¿ _____ con María anoche?
Did you eat with Mary last night?

6. Yo _____ en un restaurante peruano.
I ate in a Peruvian restaurant.

7. (Yo) Hoy _____ carne molida con salsa.
Today I ate ground meat with sauce.

8. Tú _____ frutas y legumbres.
You ate fruits and legumes.

9. (Tú) ¿Qué _____ en la casa de Rosa?
What did you eat at Rosa's house?

10. Juan _____ con María anoche.
John ate with Mary last night.

11. El _____ antes de salir.
He ate before leaving.

12. Las muchachas _____ con María anoche.
The girls ate with Mary last night.

13. Niños, ¿se _____ toda la verdura?
Children, did you eat all the vegetables?

14. ¡Las hormigas se _____ las flores!
The ants ate the flowers!

15. Alguien se _____ el pastel.
Somebody ate the cake.

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