Interactive Exercises - Demonstrative Adjectives 1b  

Demonstrative Adjectives
Quiz 1

Fill in the blank with the correct demonstrative adjective. Say the sentence.

Example: _____ perro es de Juan. - That is Juan's dog.

Answer: Ese perro es de Juan.

1. Quiero comer _____ hamburguesa.
I want to eat this hamburger.

2. _____ chica es mi hermana.
That girl over there is my sister.

3. Me gusta _____ blusa.
I like that blouse.

4. _____ casa es grande.
That house over there is big.

5. Prefiero _____ carro rojo.
I prefer this red car.

6. _____ hombre es mi hermano.
That man over there is my brother.

7. _____ carro es viejo.
That car is old.

8. Me gustan _____ zapatos.
I like these shoes.

9. _____ casas son pequeñas.
Those houses are small.

10. _____ jardín es hermoso.
This garden is beautiful.
11. _____ carro es rojo.
That car over there is red.

12. Me gustan _____ casas.
I like those houses.

13. _____ casas son grandes.
These houses are big.

14. Me gusta _____ mesa.
I like this table.

15. _____ carros son caros.
Those cars are expensive.

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Quiz 2
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