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Spanish Preterite Tense Ver
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Step 1

Ver preterite conjugation

Ver means to see.
     Ver is irregular in the preterite.

yo vi I saw
viste you saw
Ud./él/ella vio you/he/she saw
nosotros/as vimos we saw
vosotros/as visteis you all saw
Uds./ellos/ellas vieron you all/they saw

No vi a nadie en el agua.
      I didn't see anyone in the water.
¿Ya los viste?
      Did you already see them?
Vio un pájaro.
      He saw a bird.
El muchacho que usted vio es mi primo.
      The boy whom you saw is my cousin. (formal)
Vimos a nuestro hermano jugando con una

      We saw our brother playing with a viper.
Vosotros visteis una película hace dos días.
      You guys saw a movie two days ago.
La población que vieron era la de los guanches.
      The population they saw was that from

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