Preterite Spanish Sentences  

Preterite Spanish sentences

The Spanish preterite is used for actions which both began and ended in the past. The preterite sentences below provide excellent examples of the proper use of the preterite tense.

¿Viste la película? ¿Te gustó?
Did you see the movie? Did you like it?.
No hice las tareas por la tarde.
I didn't do the homework in the afternoon.
Terminé mis tareas y después me acosté.
I finished my homework and then I went to bed.

Preterite Spanish sentences by verb

More Spanish Preterite Sentences

No pude acostarme a las nueve.
I couldn't go to bed at nine o'clock.
Me acosté a las once.
I went to bed at eleven o'clock.
Juan se acostó a las once.
John went to bed at eleven o'clock.
¿Pudiste hacer tus tareas esta tarde?
Were you able to do your homework this afternoon?
¿A qué hora terminaste tus tareas?
What time did you finish your homework?.
¿Hiciste tus tareas esta tarde?
Did you do your homework this afternoon?
María, ¿hiciste tus tareas?
Mary, did you do the homework?
Yo corrí en la maratón.
I ran in the marathon.
No sé si María hizo las tareas esta tarde.
I don't know if Mary did the homework this afternoon.
No pude ver la película porque tuve que acostarme temprano.
I wasn't able to see the movie because I had to go to bed early.
¿Por qué te acostaste tan tarde?
Why did you go to bed so late?
Tengo sueño porque me acosté muy tarde anoche.
I'm sleepy because I went to bed very late last night.
María terminó sus tareas y después se acostó.
Mary finished her homework and then she went to bed.
Ya te hablé de eso.
I already spoke with you about that.
Vimos la película de la que nos hablaste.
We saw the movie you spoke to us about.
Se habló mucho de esta exposición.
Much was said about this exposition.
Sara corrió a su casa.
Sara ran to her house.
Llegamos a casa muy tarde anoche.
We got home very late last night.
Mis niños jugaron en el parque todo el día.
My children played in the park all day.
Yo escribí los números.
I wrote the numbers.
Él escribió la carta otra vez.
He wrote the letter again.
Nosotros escribimos en la pizarra.
We wrote on the blackboard.

Preterite Spanish Sentences

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preterite sentences

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Example Sentences with Spanish Preterite

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