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Step 1


Step 1

Tener is irregular in the preterite.

yo tuve I had
tuviste you had
Ud./él/ella tuvo you/he/she had
nosotros/as tuvimos we had
vosotros/as tuvisteis you all had
Uds./ellos/ellas tuvieron you all/they had

Tuve un sueño.
      I had a dream.
¡Qué suerte tuviste!
      What luck you had!
Él no tuvo que ser expulsado.
      He didn't have to be expelled.
Usted tuvo un accidente automovilístico.
      You had an automobile accident. (formal)
Mi esposo y yo tuvimos cuatro hijos juntos.
      My husband and I had four kids together.
Tuvisteis que volver al día siguiente.
      You all had to return the following day.
Tuvieron más experiencia en los momentos

     They had more experience in the key

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