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Spanish 101 - Preterite Tense Ser
Step 1


Step 1

Ser preterite conjugation

Ser means to be.
It is irregular in the preterite.

Note: Ser and ir have identical forms in the preterite. We distinguish the two through context.

yo fui I was
fuiste you were
Ud./él/ella fue you/he/she was
nosotros/as fuimos we were
vosotros/as fuisteis you all were
Uds./ellos/ellas fueron you all/they were

No fui muy inteligente.
      I was not very intelligent.
Fuiste muy malo.
      You were very bad.
Ella fue amable.
      She was nice.
Fuimos buenos astronautas.
      We were good astronauts.
Fuisteis muy simpáticos.
      You guys were very kind.
Ustedes fueron muy imprudentes.
      You all were very imprudent. (formal)

It can also be used in the pasive form:
¿Fui escogido yo?
      Was I chosen?
Génesis fue escrito por Moisés.
      Genesis was written by Moses.
Fueron condenados a muerte.
      They were condemned to death.

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