Spanish past progressive  

Spanish Preterite Tense Progressive
Step 1


Step 1

Past progressive describes what a person was doing.

   -ando for -ar verbs
   -iendo for -er and -ir verbs

hablar ---> hablando (speaking)
comer ---> comiendo (eating)
vivir ---> viviendo (living)

Preterite form of estar + progressive to say someone was doing something.

Sí, estuve viviendo allá mucho tiempo.
      Yes, I was living there a long time.

¿Estuviste viviendo en Venezuela mucho

      Were you living in Venezuela a long time?

Él estuvo corriendo aquí ayer.
      He was running here yesterday.

Estuvimos viendo ropa.
      We were seeing (looking at) clothing.

Ellas estuvieron corriendo hasta las cinco de
      la tarde.

      They were running until five in the afternoon.

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