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Step 1


Step 1

To make a Spanish statement or question negative, place no in front of the verb.
The same rule applies to present as well as preterite.

    Yo no fui.
         I did not go.
    No tuve la culpa.
         It wasn't my fault.
    Yo no sé si Juan rompió la ventana.
         I don't know if Juan broke the window.
    Nosotros no pudimos ayudar a María.
         We weren't able to help Mary.
    María no leyó la lección. Juan no la leyó

         Mary didn't read the lesson. John didn't read it
    Carlos aún no comió su hamburguesa.
         Carlos didn't eat his hamburger (yet).
    Él no vino ayer.
         He didn't come yesterday.

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