Preterite tense - comer  

Spanish 101 - Preterite Tense -er Verbs
Step 1


Step 1

Comer preterite conjugation

Comer means to eat.
     Comer is a regular -er verb.
   To say ate, use the preterite ending.

yo comí I ate
comiste you ate
Ud./él/ella com you/he/she ate
nosotros/as comimos we ate
vosotros/as comisteis you all ate
Uds./ellos/ellas comieron you all/they ate

Yo comí por la tarde.
      I ate in the afternoon.

¿Cuántas galletas comiste?
      How many cookies did you eat?

Ella comió langosta anoche.
      She ate lobster last night.

Usted comió la manzana.
      You ate the apple. (formal)

Nosotros comimos la torta.
      We ate the cake.

     Vosotros comisteis
      You all ate (familiar - only used in Spain)

Ellos comieron temprano con mamá.
      They ate early with Mom.

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