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Step 1


Step 1

 Aprender means to learn
  Aprender is a regular -er verb.
   To say learned, use the preterite ending.

yo aprendí I learned
aprendiste you learned
Ud./él/ella aprend you/he/she learned
nosotros/as aprendimos we learned
vosotros/as aprendisteis you all learned
Uds./ellos/ellas aprendieron you all/they learned

Lo aprendí de mi perro.
      I learned it from my dog.
¿Cuándo aprendiste a leer?
      When did you learn to read?
Aprendió el español ayer.
      He learned Spanish yesterday.
Aprendimos muy rápidamente.
      We learned very quickly.
¿Dónde aprendisteis a manejar?
      Where did you all learn to drive?
Ustedes aprendieron la lección.
      You all learned the lesson.

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