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Spanish Grammar Subjunctive Mood Present Perfect Subjunctive - Regular Verbs

The present perfect subjunctive is formed using the formula below:

present subjunctive conjugation of haber + the past participle = present perfect subjunctive

The table below shows the present subjunctive conjugation of the helping verb haber together with the past participle of hablar (to speak) - hablado.

yo haya hablado
hayas hablado
Ud./él/ella haya hablado
nosotros (as) hayamos hablado
vosotros (as) hayáis hablado
Uds./ellos/ ellas hayan hablado

Note that there are two possible English translations for each example below.

haya hablado - I spoke (or) I have spoken

hayas hablado - you spoke (or) you have spoken

hayamos hablado - we spoke (or) we have spoken

The present perfect subjunctive is used in the same types of clauses as the present subjunctive, and normally is used: to indicate the action as completed with governing verbs in the present or future tense or command forms. Let's look at some example sentences with other regular verbs:

Tal vez te hayas equivocado.
Perhaps you have made a mistake.

Cuando la guerra haya terminado todo estará destruido.
When the war has ended everything will be detroyed.

Es improbable que no se haya dado cuenta.
It's unlikely that he/she has not realized it.

Ha robado mi monedero sin que yo me haya dado cuenta.
He/she had stolen my change purse without me having realized it.

No creo que lo haya leído.
I don't believe that you have read it.


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