Preposition - para  

Grammar Spanish Prepositions Preposition "para"

Proper use of the preposition para can be difficult for non-native Spanish speakers because of the variety of meanings. Para may be used...

to indicate a "destination" (location or recipient)
Voy para Oaxaca.
I am going to Oaxaca.

Salimos para la tienda a las doce.
We left for the store at twelve.

to express suitability
Los vestidos son para las mujeres.
Dresses are for women.

Este tornillo es para mi bicicleta.
This screw is for my bike.

in the formula para + infinitive
to express "in order to" and to indicate purpose

Para sacar buenas notas hay que estudiar.
To get good grades you have to study.

Estos zapatos son buenos para bailar.
These shoes are good for dancing.

to convey the time limit of a particular action (para = by )
Tendrás que terminar para lunes.
You'll have to finish by Monday.

Quiero las fotos para las tres.
I want the pictures by three.

to express the idea of "in my opinion"

Para mí, el carro verde es mejor.
In my opinion, the green car is better.

Para Luis, el rojo es el máximo.
In Luis's opinion, the red one is the best.

to express the idea of "considering that"
Para ser tan joven es muy madura.
Considering that she is so young, she is very mature.
(She is very mature for her age.)


for me           - para mi      for us             - para nosotros
for you          - para ti      for you all        - para ustedes
for you (formal) - para usted   for them (males)   - para ellos
for him          - para él      for them (females) - para ellas
for her          - para ella

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