Ordinal Numbers and Fractions  

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[1st through 10th]

1st Primero 6th Sexto
2nd Segundo 7th Séptimo (Sétimo)
3rd Tercero 8th Octavo
4th Cuarto 9th Noveno (Nono)
5th Quinto 10th Décimo

Ordinal numbers are affected by gender. Let's look at some example sentences.

Usted debe aplicar primero.
You must apply first.

La primera regla es: No llegue tarde.
The first rule is: Don't be late.

Es el primero de enero.
It is the first of January.

Las camisas para hombres están en el segundo piso.
The shirts for men are on the second floor.

Tome la segunda calle a la derecha.
Take the second street to your right.

Iba a tomar el tercer curso pero tengo que repetir el segundo.
I was going to take the third course, but I have to repeat the second course.

El quinto día vi a Pedro.
The fifth day, I saw Pedro.

"Primero," and "tercero," drop the o before a masculine noun singular.

¿Es este tu primer viaje a los Estados Unidos?
Is this your first visit to the USA?

Puede trabajar el primer turno o el segundo turno.
You can work first or second shift.

Fue nuestro tercer encuentro.
It was our third encounter.

Example sentence with fractions.

Un décimo de la cosecha está destruida.
One tenth of the crop is destroyed.

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