Translation Exercises - Preterite Tense  

Preterite Tense Use of the Preterite

Translate the Sentences

1. Are you going to go to the Prado Museum with us tomorrow?

2. Yes, I would like to see the paintings. They are very famous.

3. Yes, last year I visited the museum and I saw many very beautiful paintings.

4. So, you liked them?

5. Some of the paintings are very pretty and there are others that I don't like so much, but they are very famous and it's worth the trouble to see them.

6. A friend of mine visited the museum a few years ago and he tells me that Velazquez's paintings are beautiful.

7. I agree. They are very pretty.

8. After the museum, what are you all going to see?

9. The guide told me that we will go to the Royal Palace if there is time.

10. I have heard that the present king doesn't live in the palace. According to what they say to me, he lives in a chalet in the outskirts of the capital.

11. That is what I have heard also. I believe that they use the Royal Palace only for official events such as the reception of the embassadors from other countries.

12. Did you have an opportunity to visit the Plaza Mayor? It's very pretty and you can eat "tapas" and drink a glass of wine in one of the outdoor cafes.

13. Yes, we went to the Plaza Mayor yesterday. We ate "calamares" and a Spanish tortilla. It's very different from what they call "tortilla" in Mexico.

14. Yes, it is made with potatos with beaten egg. It's a very delicious dish.

15. Well, I have to go to the hotel now. I have to get there before seven because we are going to eat supper at eight. I want to take a shower before eating.

16. Before you go, I want to ask you one more thing. Do you know if there is a good bookstore year here? I would like to buy some books that I have not been able to find in the US.

17. Yes, of course. I'f I'm not mistaken, there is a very big bookstore on the next blook. Bye. I'll see you tomorrow.

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