Translation Exercises with Interrogative  

Interrogative Pronouns Quizzes - Interrogative
Quiz 1

Translate the sentences

Example: Where is Robert from?

Answer: ¿De dónde es Roberto?

1. What do you have in the box?

2. Which movie do you like the most?

3. Which one of the two movies do you like the most?

4. What is your telephone number?

5. What do you want?

6. What is the date today?

7. What is your address?

8. Why do you need the wrench? (to loosen the nuts)

9. Why do you need the wrench? (there is a flat tire)

10. Where is the museum?

11. Where are you going?

12. Where is John from?

13. Who is the present of Mexico?

14. Who are the members of the committee?

15. When is John going to arrive? (what day?)

16. When is John going to arrive (at what time?)

17. How many books have you read this year?

18. How much did you pay?

19. How many shirts did you bring?

20. What a movie!

21. What an interesting movie!

22. How well you dance!

23. I don't know the man who spoke.

24. I don't know the man with whom you spoke.

25. John found the wrench that you needed.

26. John found the wrench with which you took off the wheel.

27. The one who finds the lost money will receive a reward.

28. John's sister, who lives in LA is going to visit us. (sister lives in LA)

29. The sister of John, who lives in LA, is going to visit us. (John lives in LA)

30. John lives in this house, behind which, there is a small park.

31. We are going to stay in this hotel, near which there are many restaurants.

32. Mary gave me what I asked for.

33. This is Wilson Avenue, on which is found the American Embassy.

34. The lady whose son is in my class works in my father's office.

35. The man whose house was destroyed by the earthquake has four children.

36. The lady whose dog bit me will have to pay the doctor.

37. Who can help the lady who is lost?

38. What a shame!

39. What a beautiful song!

40. The governor, whose party lost the election, says that he is going to retire.

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Quiz 2
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