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1. Were you able to change the tire?

2. Did you change the tire?

3. Why didn't you change the tire?

4. I didn't change the tire because I couldn't find the jack.

5. Will you be able to change the tire?

6. I thought that I would be able to find the jack in the trunk.

7. Did you find the jack in the trunk?

8. Where was the jack?

9. Was it in the trunk?

10. I was hoping that you would find the jack in the trunk because we need it in order to change the tire.

11. What else do you need?

12. I am going to need a wrench to loosen the nuts.

13. Where is the wrench?

14. Have you found the wrench?

15. I can't loosen the nuts without the wrench.

16. I found this wrench in the trunk.

17. I can't get the wheel off because the nuts are rusted.

18. Do you have a little bit of oil that you can put (toss) on the nuts?

19. I can't loosen this nut because the thread (*) is very rusted.

20. I think that you will be able to loosen it if you put a drop of oil on it.

21. It doesn't come off.

22. Did you put a drop of oil on the nut?

23. Yes, I did (it) but it doesn't come off.

24. I was hoping that the nut would come off if I put a drop of oil on it.

25. Were you able to take off the other nuts?

26. Yes, I got them off without difficulty.

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