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The purpose of the Medical Spanish section is to give medical and health personnel a basic vocabulary to begin learning how to communicate in the medical interview and the physical exam. The lessons are all FREE and include written and audio dialogue, images w/audio, vocabulary (with audio), and exercises. The vocabulary and lessons covered in this collection include past medical history, medicines, family history, sexual history, certain diseases, the anatomy of the body, systems of the body, and reference materials.

Although it is not comprehensive, this section will allow you to learn how to begin communicating with Spanish-speaking patients. We hope you will find it easy to learn medical spanish -- enjoy!

Learn Medical Spanish Online
Course materials were developed by Alejandra Maria Mena Gutierrez, M.D. Dr. Mena has experience working in both Colombia and the United States. [ c.v. ]


A more detailed list of the topics covered in this section is below:

The Medical Interview - – La Consulta Médica
Introduction and chief complaint – (La) introducción y (la) queja principal
HPI (History of the present illness) – (La) enfermedad actual
PMH (Past Medical History) – (La) Historia Médica Previa
Family History – (La) historia familiar
Review of Systems (ROS) – (La) revisión de sistemas
Medical Spanish for Doctors Nurses Physicians Assistants
Study Spanish Medical Dictionary Personnel

The Physical Exam – El Examen Físico
Head, eyes nose and throat examination
Neurologic examination – (El) examen neurológico
Pulmonary examination – (El) examen pulmonar
Cardiovascular examination – (El) examen cardiovascular
Abdominal examination – (El) examen abdominal
Musculoskeletal examination – (El) examen musculo-esquelético

Medical Vobulary- – Vocabulario Médico
The Doctor's Office - El Consultorio
Spanish Articles Exercises 1
The Human Body 1 – (El) Cuerpo Humano
Reproductive Organs and Others – (Los) Órganos Reproductivos y Otros
Study Spanish Medical Personnel
Medical Spanish Doctors Nurses Physicians Assistants
Medicines - (Los) Medicamentos
Antiarrhythmics - Los Antiarrítmicos
Hypertension Therapy - Los Fármacos Antihipertensivos
Prescription – (La) receta médica
Labs – (Los) examenes de laboratorio
Medical procedures – (Los) procedimientos médicos
Next topic – (El) proximo tema
Medical Reference - General
Common Diseases - Enfermedades Comunes
Differential Diagnosis - (El) Diagnóstico Diferencial
Medical procedures – (Los) procedimientos médicos
Medicines - Los Medicamentos
Human organ systems - Sistemas humanos
External human features - Características humanas externas
Human internal organs - Órganos internos
Digestive system - Sistema Digestivo
Human internal organs - Órganos internos

Medical Reference - Female
Female Reproductive System - Sistema Reproductivo Femenino
Gynaecologic Problems - Problemas Ginecológicos
Common Pregnancy Procedures - Procedimientos Comunes Del Embarazo
Complications of Labor and Birth - Complicaciones del nacimiento
Infant diseases - Enfermedades de la infancia

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