Irregular Spanish Verbs - 'g' is changed to 'j'  

if the conjugation adds an 'a' or an 'o' to the stem, then the 'g' is changed to 'j'

escoger - to choose
acoger - to welcome, take in, receive
coger - to take
emerger - to emerge
encoger - to shrink
recoger - to pick up
sobrecoger - to frighten, to startle
sumergir - to submerge, plunge, dip
afligir - to afflict, to distress
divergir - to diverge
erigir - to erect, to build
exigir - to demand, to call for
infligir - to inflict, to impose
refulgir - to shine brightly
restringir - to limit, to restrict
rugir - to growl
surgir - to spring forth, to appear

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