Irregular Verbs - "go" verbs - (ir) changes to (go)  

Present Indicative Spanish GO Verbs

The verbs below are irregular. The Yo form of the verb ends in go.

hacer (example sentences)(full conjugation)

yo hago (I make/do)
haces (you make/do)
Ud./él/ella hace (you/he/she makes/does)
nosotros (as) hacemos (we make/do)
vosotros (as) hacéis (you guys make/do)
Uds./ellos/ellas hacen (they/you all make/do)

poner(example sentences) (full conjugation)

yo pongo (I put)
pones (you put)
Ud./él/ella pone (you/he/she puts)
nosotros (as) ponemos (we put)
vosotros (as) ponéis (you guys put)
Uds./ellos/ellas ponen (they/you all put)

valer (example sentences)(full conjugation)

yo valgo (I am worth)
vales (you are worth)
Ud./él/ella vale (you/he/she is worth)
nosotros (as) valemos (we are worth)
vosotros (as) valéis (you guys are worth)
Uds./ellos/ellas valen (they/you all are worth)

caer (example sentences)(full conjugation)

yo caigo (I fall)
caes (you fall)
Ud./él/ella cae (you/he/she falls)
nosotros (as) caemos (we fall)
vosotros (as) caéis (you guys fall)
Uds./ellos/ellas caen (they/you all fall)

traer (example sentences)(full conjugation)

yo traigo (I bring)
traes (you bring)
Ud./él/ella trae (you/he/she brings)
nosotros (as) traemos (we bring)
vosotros (as) traéis (you bring)
Uds./ellos/ ellas traen (they/you all bring)
Other go verbs are:

decir - to say, to tell
salir - to leave
tener - to have
venir - to come

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