Reading Comprehension - Beginners  

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Quiz 1

First, read each text and review any vocabulary you are not familiar with. Next, read each question and select the best option(s) from those provided.

Barcos de Papel

Todos los días hago barquitos de papel. Los pinto con grandes letras negras con mi nombre. Yo voy a la playa y pongo los barquitos en el mar. Mis barquitos van cargados con flores del jardín de mi casa.

de papel - of paper
los pinto - I paint them
cargados - loaded
jardín - garden

He makes small paper boats
He makes little wooden houses
He paints boats

What does he paint on them?
His name

What does he place on the boats?
Toy solders

Quiz 2
Quiz 3

Popular Phrase: how do you say | English-Spanish Medical Dictionary | Conjugated Verb: presuponer - to presuppose [ click for full conjugation ]