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Quiz 1

First, read each text and review any vocabulary you are not familiar with. Next, read each question and select the best option(s) from those provided.

El Cielo

El cielo está despejado, azul, y sin nubes. Parece que algo en el aire señala la lluvia. La luz del sol, clara, resplandeciente, entre amarilla y azulada; pero el frescor del aire anuncia lluvia.

despejado - clear
señala - indicates
clara - clear
resplandeciente - resplendent
azulada - bluish
el frescor del aire - the cool air

What is the weather like?
It is cloudy and cool
It is clear and hot
It is clear and cool

Is it a cloudy day?
It is partially cloudy
No, there are no clouds
Yes, there are some clouds

What is the weather going to do next?
It is going to get hotter.
One cannot predict the weather!
It seems that it is going to rain.

Quiz 2
Quiz 3

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