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Contest Quiz

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Answers to all the questions of the contest quiz are provided in the audios which can be found using the index page below:
Intermediate - Mid Level

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Question 0: Who has recently gotten into good physical condition?
Answer 0: Don Luis

Contest Quiz

Question 1: In one audio, a man compares two cities. Which two cities does he compare?

Question 2: As detailed in one audio, why was the young man not able to attend an event planned by his friends?

Question 3: As explained in one audio, in which city will you find most young people using mass transit?

Question 4: In another audio, a woman discusses the best celebration of her life. In what year was the celebration held?

Question 5: In one audio, a guy from Santo Domingo discusses a sport he enjoys. Which sport does he discuss?

Question 6: In a separate audio, a woman tells us the name of her roommate's pet? What is the pet's name?

Question 7: In another audio, a man tells us about the transportation used by his family. How does his mom get around? His dad?

Question 8: As heard in one audio, what was Maria Alvarez doing?

Question 9: What is the favorite genre of music of the man who enjoys singing?

Question 10: As explained in one audio, which language does the woman feel is difficult to learn?


Popular Phrase: spanish tanks | Learn Spanish Language | Conjugated Verb: precisar - to need, to describe [ click for full conjugation ]