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Spanish Grammar Impersonal se

Impersonal expressions are frequently used in English.

They say you shouldn't smoke.
They say it is going to rain.
One never knows when a tornado will strike.
It is said that lightening never strikes twice...

To form an impersonal expression in Spanish:
- conjugate the verb into the third person singular
- place the impersonal se directly before the conjugated verb

¿Cómo se dice ...?
How does one say ...?

This is referred to as the Impersonal "se", or as "se" Impersonal.

More examples with se Impersonal:

¿Cómo se dice "many people" en español?
How does one say "many people" in Spanish?

¿Se puede ir en autobús?
Is one able to go by bus?

¿Se puede nadar aquí?
Is one able to swim here?

¿Se aceptan dólares?
Are Dollars accepted?

Se necesita una olla para cocinarlo.
One needs pot to cook it.

Durante la misa no se debe hablar.
One must not talk during the mass.

¿A qué hora se abre la tienda?
What time does the shop open?

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