Imperfect Subjunctive - Irregular Verbs  

Spanish Grammar Subjunctive Mood Imperfect Subjunctive - Irregular Verbs

The imperfect subjunctive will has the same irregularities as the preterit form of the verb. Let's look at some examples:

Infinitive Preterit Imperfect Subjunctive
hacer hicieron hiciera o hiciese
decir dijeron dijera o dijese
tener tuvieron tuviera o tuviese
estar estuvieron estuviera o estuviese
ir/ser fueron fuera o fuese

El profesor quería que yo hiciera la tarea anoche.
The teacher wanted me to do the homework last night.

Fue interesante que dijeras eso.
It was interesting you said that.

Tú te saliste como si tuvieras mucha prisa.
You left as if you were in a big hurry.

¡Qué pena que estuvieras enfermo todavía!
What a shame (it would have been) if you were still sick!

María esperaba que nosotros fuéramos al cine con ella esta tarde.
Mary was hoping that we would go to the movies with her this afternoon.

Yo esperaba que tú fueras a la tienda conmigo.
I was hoping that you would go to the store with me.

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Popular Phrase: comprender imperfect | English-Spanish Medical Dictionary | Conjugated Verb: menguar - to diminish, to reduce [ click for full conjugation ]