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Step 1


Step 1

We use the personal a with people and pets.

     María visitó a su abuela.
      Maria visited her grandmother.
     Conocí a Miguel en mil novecientos ochenta y

      I met Miguel in 1985.
     Yo invité a María a ir a la fiesta.
      I invited Maria to go to the party.
     ¿Quién llamó a la policía?
      Who called the police?
     Ellos fueron a visitar a su tía.
      They went to visit their aunt.

We don't use the personal a with tener, necesitar, and haber.

     Tuve dos hijos.
      I had two children.
     Necesité un médico.
      I needed a doctor.
     En mi familia hubo seis personas.
      In my family there were six people.

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