Idioms with the verb haber  

Spanish Idioms

Expresiones con HABER (Idioms with HABER)
haber de + participle
to be supposed to; to have to
Debías haberme dicho la verdad desde un principio.
You were supposed to tell me the truth from the start.
haber gato encerrado
there is something fishy
Aquí hay gato encerrado.
There is something fishy here.
haber neblina
to be foggy
Cancelamos el viaje porque hay mucha neblina.
We cancel the trip because it is foggy.
haber sol
to be sunny
Podrás salir a jugar cuando haya sol.
You will be able to go playing when it's sunny.
hay luna
there is moonlight
La noche está preciosa porque hay luna.
The night is beautiful because there is moonlight.
haber polvo
to be dusty
Necesito que venga la muchacha porque hay mucho polvo.
I need the maid to come because it is very dusty.
hay que + infinitive
it is necessary; one must
Hay que barrer toda la casa antes que lleguen los invitados.
It is necessary to sweep the house before the guests arrive.

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