Saying Goodbye in Spanish  

Meeting People Saying Goodbye in Spanish

How does one say goodbye in Spanish? As in any other language, there are many ways to say goodbye in Spanish. Some expressions are best used in formal situations while others are more informal, or casual, in tone.

Below are some common ways to say goodbye in Spanish.

¡Adiós! - Goodbye.

Chau - Bye

Hasta mañana. - See you tomorrow.

Hasta luego. - See you later.

Hasta pronto. - See you soon.

Nos vemos. - See you later.

More examples of how to say goodbye in Spanish.

Hasta la próxima - until next time
Hasta el martes - see you on Tuesday
Hasta ahora - see you in a minute

In Hispanic countries it is very common for people to greet and say goodbye with a kiss. In Latin America one kiss is given. In Spain two kisses is the custom, one on each cheek. Sometimes foreigners are surprised when a Hispanic person greets them with a kiss when they've just recently met.

If you still have doubts about how to say goodbye in Spanish, be certain to review the vocabulary, videos and dialogues. It is essential that you completely grasp how to say goodbye!

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