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When you visit a Spanish speaking country, even if you don't master the language, you might want to learn a few words or phrases commonly used in those countries, so that you don't seem rude, or may be you just want to avoid an embarrasing moment!!

When you walk into a room with people, you say:
Buenos días.
     Good morning.
Buenas tardes.
     Good afternoon.

When you want to ask for something or for help.
Por favor.
¿Puede ayudarme?
     Can you help me?

When somebody does something nice for you:
Muchas gracias.
     Thank you very much.
Es muy amable de su parte.
     It's very kind of you.

When somebody says: "thank you".
De nada.
     You're welcome.

When you enter a house that is not your house, and also when you apologize because you need to leave.
     Excuse me.

If in a crowd and you need to go through.
Con permiso.
     Excuse me.

When somebody next to you sneezes.
     Bless you.

When you accidentally burp.

When somebody accidentally causes you a simple harm and says:"sorry".
No hay pena.
     No need to worry.

When you bump into somebody.
Lo siento.
     I'm sorry.

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