Grammar Exercises - Negation  

Negation Saying NO Quizzes - Negation
Quiz 1

Translate the sentences.

Example: Mary didn't read the lesson. John didn't read it either.

Answer: María no leyó la lección. Juan no la leyó tampoco.

1. Nobody has arrived yet.

2. I haven't seen anybody yet.

3. Have you seen anybody?

4. No, not yet.

5. Have you bought something?

6. No, I haven't bought anything.

7. John didn't buy anything, neither did Mary.

8. I don't want either to eat or drink.

9. I am going to buy either the yellow shirt or the white one.

10. I lost mi book. Did you see any here on the table?

11. No, I didn't see any book.

12. Have you read any pages in this book?

13. No, I haven't read any pages yet.

14. No, I haven't read anything.

15. Not yet. I haven't even read the first page.

16. We want to go to the beach, but we can't because it is raining.

17. We didn't buy the house, but rather we rented it.

18. We didn't go to the movies, but rather to the library.

19. Do you still want to go with us?

20. Not now.

21. Mary likes the yellow dress more than anything.

22. John can dance better than anyone.

23. Have you ever visited the capital?

24. I like this music more than anything.

25. I don't have either a pen or a pencil.

26. I haven't spoken with anybody.

27. John wants to go downtown and Mary wants to go downtown also.

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Quiz 2
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