El Toro Torojil  

Children hold hands and walk or skip in a circle around one child, the frog, who stands in the middle. The children sing the song once and then ask the child in the middle how she feels: "¿Como amanecio la ranita?" The child in the middle decides if she is ¡bien! (well) or ¡engusanada! (dead and full of maggots.) If she is well, she stays in the middle for another round. If she is dead, all of the children run away screaming and laughing, until she catches one of them who then becomes the frog. Torojil is a medicinal herb, and this song is as popular in some Central American countries as "Ring Around the Rosie" is in the United States.

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El Toro Torojil

Vamos a la vuelta

Let's go around and around

del toro torojil

of the bull torojil

a ver a la rana

to see the little frog

comiendo perejil

who's eating parsley

La rana no está aquí

The frog is not here

estará en su vergel

she's probably in her garden

cortando una rosa

cutting a rose

sembrando un clavel.

planting a carnation.

¿Como amanecio la ranita?

how is the frog this morning?

¡bien! o ¡engusanada!

[the frog responds either]: better! or full of maggots!

Vocals by Tiffany Eng, Michele Lamb, Christine McNew, and Grete Pasch; Michele Turner on mandolin, Allen Mullen on guitar.

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