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Dialogue 1

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Opening the presents at a birthday party.

Ana: ¿Qué es esto?
What is this?

Mauricio: Eso es un collar.
That is a necklace.

Ana: ¡Qué lindo! Gracias, Mauricio.
How beautiful! Thank you, Mauricio.

Mauricio: De nada.
You're welcome.

Ana: Y ¿qué son estos?
And, what are these?

Karla: Esos son unos aretes.
Those are some earrings.

Ana: Gracias Karla, son muy bonitos!
Thank you, Karla. They're very pretty!

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Dialogue 3
Dialogue 4

Popular Phrase: test your spanish | Conjugated Verb: cachar - to understand, to see, to know [ click for full conjugation ]