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Dialogue 1

The Imperative mode is used to give an order, to tell someone to do something or to advise someone. This mode cannot be used with the grammatical person "yo".

Los Zapatos

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Alvaro: ¿Es posible que me limpien y cepillen los zapatos?
It possible that I could clean and brush the shoes?

Pedro: Claro, es posible. Solo póngalos en un pequeño armario.
Of course it is possible. Just put them in a small chest.

Alvaro: Si yo los pongo aquí, ¿va usted a tomarlos sin molestarme?
If I put them here, are you going to take them without bothering me?

Pedro: Claro, nosotros revisamos los armarios cada hora.
Of course we check the chests each hour.

Alvaro: Pero no va a mezclar mis zapatos con otros zapatos ¿no?
But you will not mix my shoes other shoes, right?

Pedro: Claro que no. No se preocupe.
Of course not. Do not worry yourself.

Alvaro: No me vendrían mal unos zapatos que sean mejores y más caros que los míos y me queden bien
It would not be bad, some shoes that are better and more expensive than mine and fit me good.

Pedro: ¿de verdad?

Alvaro: No lo tome a pecho. Era una broma.
Don't take it to heart. It was a joke.

Dialogue 2
Dialogue 3
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