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Dialogue 1

Reflexive verbs are the ones that imply that the subject receives the action back.

Los Perritos de Juguete

perritos de juguete - little toy dogs

se conocieron - the met (each other)

se enamoraron - the fell in love (with each other)

se casaron - they married (each other)

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El cuento de los perritos.
The story of the two dogs.

Luna y Sol se conocieron en un bosque
Moon and Sun met each other in a forest

se enamoraron y se casaron
they fell in love and they got married.

querían tener hijos pero no podían
they wanted to have kids but they couldn't

porque eran dos perros de juguete,
because they were two toy dogs.

pero un día vieron a un hada.
But one day they came to a fairy

el hada les concedió un deseo
the fairy granted one wish

y ellos le pidieron tener perritos,
and they wished to have kids

el hada los llevó a una cueva mágica
the fairy took them to a magic cave

y al día siguiente tenían
and the next day had

un cachorrito, dos cachorritos, tres cachorritos, y cuatro cachorritos
one puppy, two puppies, three puppies, and four puppies.

fueron muy felices y comieron perdices.
and they left happily ever after.

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