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“People”: gente, pueblo, personas

Gente refers to people in the abstract and is a singular noun. Pueblo (besides meaning “town” “village”) refers the group of people that makes up a country or geographical area. Personas (“persons”) or individuos [not individuales] can be used to a group of individual or specific persons.

  • La gente hoy en día no sabe mucho de la geografía.
    People nowadays don't know much about geography.
  • Los romances son un tesoro del pueblo español.
    Romances [ballads] are a treasure of the Spanish people.
  • Hay varias personas aquí que hablan español.
    There are several people here who speak Spanish.
Individuo vs. individual

Individuo is a noun meaning “(an) individual” or “(a) person”. Individual is the adjective form meaning “individual” in the sense of “single” (only one).

  • Es un individuo extraño.
    He's a strange individual.
  • El señor Gómez nos dio una lección individual.
    Mr. Gómez gave us an individual lesson.

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