20 Errors Made by English Speaking Learners of Spanish  

Spanish Grammar Common Errors Common Errors in Spanish 2
Errors 1
Stop - Continue

“To stop (doing something)” is expressed by using a verb such as dejar (or parar, etc.) plus "de," plus the infinitive.

Raúl dejó de fumar la semana pasada.
Raúl stopped smoking last week.

“To continue (to do something)” or “to keep on (doing something)” is translated using the verb seguir or continuar plus the gerund (-ndo form). Remember that the stem vowel is the weak vowel u in continuar, so in the present tense indicative and subjunctive, an accent mark is needed on all but the nosotros and vosotros forms (continúo, continúas, etc.).

Ella no me hizo caso; siguió cosiendo.
She didn't pay any attention to me; she kept on sewing.

Ojalá que ustedes no continúen perdiendo tiempo.
I hope you don't continue to waste time.

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