Common errors in Spanish 1  

Spanish Grammar Common Errors Common Errors in Spanish 1
Errors 1
Pregunta vs. Cuestión

Pregunta is “question” in the sense of one that is asked, e.g.:

No tengo ninguna pregunta. - I have no questions.

Cuestión means “question” in the sense of an issue, a matter, or a topic.

Mi sueldo es una cuestión que no te importa.
My salary is a matter that doesn't concern you.

Esta noche vs. anoche

“Tonight” = Esta noche (“tonight”, “this night” or “this evening”).
“Last night” = Anoche.

¿Vas a ir al cine esta noche conmigo? - Will you go out with me tonight?

Yo hice la tarea anoche. - I did the homework last night.

“To enter/go in”: entrar en

Entrar means “to enter” or “to go [in]”; it must be used with a preposition —en or a— when followed by a place.

Entramos en el Parque. - We entered the Park.

¿Quién entró en la tienda?
Who entered the store?

Errors 2
Errors 3
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