Traer - to bring  

Spanish for Kids Mini-Lessons Traer - to bring

Traer - to bring, to carry
Traer means to bring or to carry.
Traer is an irregular go verb. The yo form ends in -igo.
yo traigo I bring
traes you bring
Ud./él/ella trae you/she/she brings
nosotros/as traemos we bring
vosotros/as traéis you all bring
Uds./ellos/ellas traen you all/they bring

Traigo queso fresco.
      I bring fresh cheese.

No traes el libro contigo.
      You don't bring the book with you.

Ella trae vasos.
      She brings cups.

Nosotros traemos zumo.
      We bring juice.

Ellos traen cubiertos.
      They bring silverware.

Yo lo traigo.
      I bring it.

Juan le trae la comida.
      Juan brings him food.

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