Poner - to put  

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Poner - to put
Poner (to put) is a -go verb.
Go verbs are irregular.
The yo form ends in -go.
yo pongo I put
pones you put
Ud./él/ella pone you/he/she puts
nosotros/as ponemos we put
vosotros/as ponéis you all put
Uds./ellos/ellas ponen you all/they put

Yo pongo mi confianza con Coca Cola.
      I put my trust with (in) Coca Cola.

Tú pones los platos.
      You put (set) the plates (table).

Ella pone las flores.
      She puts (places) the flowers.

Nosotros ponemos los vasos.
      We put (place) the glasses.

Ellos ponen la comida.
      They put (serve) the food.

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