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Spanish 101 You and I
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We use yo for I and for you (familiar). Generally we use it before the verb.

Yo estoy casado. - I am married.
estás feliz. - You are happy. (familiar)

There is not always need to say yo and before the verb, since the verb ending tells us who is performing the action.

Yo quiero comer.
I want to eat.
Quiero comer.
I want to eat.
quieres salir.
You want to go out.
¿Quieres salir?
You want to go out?

Usually, we leave yo and out when not necessary, as:

Necesito un bol. - I need a bowl.
Necesitas un lápiz. - You need a pencil.

Estoy feliz. - I am happy.
Estás feliz. - You are happy. (familiar)

However, yo and may be used for emphasis.

Yo quiero comer. - I want to eat.

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