Verb ir - to go  

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Ir means to go. It is irregular and completely changes in the present..

yo voy I go
vas you go
Ud./él/ella va you/he/she goes
nosotros/as vamos we go
vosotros/as vais you guys go
Uds./ellos/ellas van you all/they go

Yo voy contigo.
      I am going with you.
Tú vas al mercado.
      You are going to the market.
Va a hacer frío.
      It's going to be cold.
Él va a su casa.
      He is going to his house.
Vamos a la playa.
      We are going to the beach.
Los muchachos van a ir al partido de fútbol.
      The boys are going to go to the soccer game.

Note: ir + a = going to

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