Spanish preterite - past tense  

Spanish 101 - Preterite Tense Introduction
Step 1


Step 1

To use past tense (preterite), replace the ending.

Yo caminé al parque.
      I walked to the park.

Nosotros comimos la torta.
      We ate the cake.

Vivimos allí el año pasado.
      We lived there last year.

Escribí una carta a mi abuela.
      I wrote a letter to my grandmother.

Llegamos a casa muy tarde anoche.
      We got home very late last night.

Nosotros vimos un perro feliz.
      We saw a happy dog.

¿Tocaste la guitarra?
      Did you play the guitar?

Juan cerró la ventana.
      Juan closed the window.

Step 2

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